SSC CPO English Language & Comprehension Q Paper 2021 PDF

SSC CPO English Language & Comprehension Question Paper 2021 PDF

SSC CPO English Language & Comprehension Question Paper 2021 :- 8th November 2021 को SSC द्वारा आयोजित Sub Inspectors in Delhi Police And Central Armed Police Forces के Tier – 2 Exam Paper की PDF को यहाँ से Download करें|

SSC CPO English Language and Comprehension :- इस Question Paper में Total 200 Objective Questions शामिल है|

SSC CPO Paper 2 English Language & Comprehension 2021
SSC CPO Paper 2 2021 PDF

Q.- Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

Fair-weather friend
A. A person who is a friend in all your difficulties
B. A person who is a friend in all good and bad times
C. A person whose friendship cannot be relied on in difficult times
D. A person who is not a friend, only an acquaintance [C]

Full of beans
A. Happy and energetic
B. Mean and selfish
C. Vain and pompous
D. Crazy and foolish [A]

To take pains
A. To punish someone
B. To bear atrocities
C. To make efforts
D. To remain silent [C]

Fifth wheel
A. A much needed thing
B. A wealthy person
C. An unneeded person
D. A helping hand [C]

Make head or tail of something
A. To create something beautiful
B. To figure out something
C. To make the best of an opportunity
D. To earn enough for one’s needs [B]

Fight tooth and nail
A. Win the competition
B. Fight very fiercely
C. Be in high spirits
D. Insist on something [B]

Hue and cry
A. A fair bargain
B. An admirable idea
C. A polite request
D. A noisy expression of anger [D]

A hard nut to crack
A. A highly priced item
B. A difficult person
C. An easy problem
D. A comfortable situation [B]

Hold your horses
A. Be responsible
B. Be inferior
C. Be indifferent
D. Be patient [D]

Give and take
A. Being mild in your dealings
B. Giving away something for free
C. Obliging each other mutually
D. Taking something from others [C]

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